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We created an evidence based educational resource called ‘Get Real’ that is delivered by teachers and safer schools officers in over 30 schools throughout the north west. ‘Get Real’ is an evidence based education programme for years five and six (ages nine to eleven) to help young people identify and understand the difference between real life and fiction, to understand the consequences of violence, to recognise that their behavior has consequences and that their choices and actions have an impact on their future and the future of others. ‘Get Real’ aims to reduce youth violence and empowers choice through education.

The science for the resource works within the framework of SEAL curriculum areas five and six and National Curriculum areas five and six. The resource pack contains a lesson plan with extension activities, usage and guidance support, opt-out material, disclosure and follow up signposting material, worksheets and evaluation forms.

For this age group, it was important that our approach was prevention based, rather than intervention based.