CHKS (Capita PLC)


Persona creation


Character creation / Motion graphics / Marketing campaign

‘Hello, my name is’... One is called Bazza, the other is called Quentin. You may never have met them, but because of preloaded information you may think you know a lot about each of them. Which one went to the local state school and which was educated privately? Which prefers a pint of Stella to a glass of Gout de Diamants at £147,000 a bottle? One of them plays the violin quite well, which one?

Managing and changing opinions can be hard – character persona and design creation can be harder, every detail can be preloaded with meaning whether it is visual or verbal, like a name for example.

We were challenged with engaging a number of audiences, to change perceptions, clearly communicating the benefits of iCompare – a new and visionary approach to health care information.

Simple questions were used to create the character skeletons such as name, male or female, skin type, age, where do they live, are they married, do they have children, what type of clothes do they wear and which charity do they support.

The characters were brought to life using scripts written to communicate key messages to the audience(s). Story boarding followed the script approval before we moved onto the creation of the final animations.

The final animations enabled us to extend the campaign across all collateral and digital channels.