Plan of Work 2013


Brand creation / Website / Print

“As an external design agency working with my in-house team, Darkhorse offer something different, bringing knowledge and best practice from their industry and seamlessly fitting into our team. Having a good relationship with an agency that is a natural extension of my in-house team is vital for delivering this complex and time pressured project.”

Kate MacKillop
Production Designer, RIBA Insight

First developed in 1963, for half a century the RIBA Plan of Work has been the definitive UK model for the building design and construction process, also exercising significant influence on an international stage.

Our brand for the RIBA Plan of Work builds on this fantastically valuable heritage and the visual language helps to represent the most comprehensive review and development of the RIBA Plan of Work since its inception.

The branding had to be visually simulating and capable of adaptation into electronic format.

The Plan of Work is described as a ‘kit of parts’ and we considered ways to reflect this utilising the eight stages of the Plan of Work. This resulted in consideration of a graphic identity/ compliance badge with eight sides, each representing one stage of the plan of work, and each colour coded in a way that will go on to anchor one of the stages.

The result is a graphic identity that conforms to the RIBA brand guidelines whilst providing a unique look and feel for the Plan of Work.

The colour coded Plan of Work circuit logotype can be used to navigate through the Plan of Work, and through the related publication and online tool, in way that makes the user’s journey through the stages easy to understand.