HLF Rusland Valley and Fells Landscape Partnership


Rusland Horizons place brand strategy


Brand creation / Brand strategy / Brand guidelines

Design support was required to develop and deliver a place branding concept for the Rusland Valley and Fells HLF landscape partnership project.

Creating a destination means identifying what differentiates one place from another. It means defining the place’s story and then communicating that story through the most appropriate channels to reach those audiences, from local residents, visitors and shoppers, to businesses and investors.

The project has a three year lifespan so whatever was produced needed to last beyond that. It was important for the project to be represented through imagery/icons/colour.

The project is more than just interpretation, it’s about heritage skills and volunteering.

We are not trying to encourage too many visitors to the area, it’s about increasing dwell time for those who do visit. It is targeted at those who may already have an interest in the heritage of the area but also if they are sat in a pub in the area they might look at a leaflet and discover that they can go on a heritage walk from the pub.

The main aim of the project’s interpretive outputs are to help visitors to the area to understand and appreciate the natural and cultural heritage of the Rusland Valley and Fells and to increase dwell time in the Rusland Valley and Fell area.