Stirling Prize 2015


Brand creation / Awareness campaign / Digital marketing

“Thank you hugely for your hard work, patience, direction and assistance with this, it looks stunning. I’m truly happy with the end result, you should be proud!”

Marietjie Donaldson
Events Manager

The Stirling Prize is a celebration of great architecture and the value that good architecture brings to society in how it can change the way people and communities behave. It is the UK’s most prestigious architecture prize.

To be on the shortlist for the Prize is in itself a great accolade. To win it can catapult architects and their practices into the public eye and show them as being at the top of their profession.

Public reach includes the shortlist and winners being covered by the BBC and national newspapers. 2015 marked the 20th RIBA Stirling Prize and our task was to show longevity and gravitas with the 20 years.

RIBA is recognised around the world, so the identity wasn’t about destroying everything that was there historically to build something new, it was about building on that excellence and heritage.

The Stirling Prize is all about the drama and excitement of the night, everything builds to the announcement so we developed an elegant typographic approach combined with an ‘active’ frame which allowed the build up to focus on showing images of the previous 19 winners within the frame. As we entered the shortlist stage, the shortlisted buildings replaced the previous 19 winners, teasing the viewers with a snippet of the buildings. Finally, the winner takes sole centre stage in the active frame. Imagery of the architecture is the star throughout.

It is important that the active frame works as a digital tool, allowing an almost broadcast-first approach so that the announcements can easily sweep through social media.

The active frame identity was titled ‘freedom within a framework’ by the brand taskforce – while traditional programmes of work will be expected to conform to the RIBA brand guidelines, our interpretation of ‘guidelines’ rather than ‘rules’ allow the Stirling Prize identity to evolve the existing RIBA brand frame providing a timeless solution for the prize.

Our brand work extended across all channels and touch points of the organisation.